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Tourmaline Sheet   

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Tourmaline is a gem cherished by in ancient Egypt and comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, pink, blue and black.  Ancient physicians noted a remarkable lack of illness in tourmaline mine workers compared to those in laboring in similar conditions inside emerald mines.  Tourmaline mine workers also seemed to recover from slight injuries at a much quicker rate.  In the 1980s, Dr. Tetsujiro Kubo, professor of physics at Tokyo University, began studying the restorative properties of water in volcanic areas, including Mt. Fuji.  Mineral analysis showed the existence of tourmaline stones.


Tourmaline stones are unique in that they have both positive and negative electrodes from which a constant, low electric current is released.  When powdered tourmaline is mixed with H20, the resultant mineral water has a pH well-suited to the needs of the human body.  In Asia, tourmaline water is used for drinking, bathing, brewing tea and even cooking rice.  People have used it to treat skin problems ranging from pimples to wrinkles, and have also found it to helpful in treating oversensitivity to cold temperatures, muscular pains and stiff joints.

Tourmaline Sheet Set

Large (73 x 57 cm)
Small (55 x 36 cm) 

Tourmaline Sheet
Shipping Weight:2.5 LBS.


Invel Bio EYE Mask
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